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Why Buy at ALM

Atlanta Luxury Motors (ALM) is passionate about cars and dedicated to finding the best deals for buyers. Our knowledgeable service staff is committed to making your car buying experience easy and hassle free. And with multiple locations around the metro Atlanta area, ALM offers the convenience to shop for your next car in an area near you. So what sets ALM apart from the competition? There are a few different reasons why ALM is the car dealer of choice for so many.

Our Inventory : With more than 3500 pre-owned cars among our 7 locations we have inventory ranging from less than $5000 to more than $100,000 and we carry makes and models from all major car manufacturers. A majority of the inventory is low miles cars some also under manufacturers warranty. Have a car in mind? Contact us, and we are pretty sure we'll be able to locate it at one of our stores.

Our "No-Hassle" Customer Service : We’re passionate about cars, all types, makes and models and it shows in our experienced staff. But most of all, we don’t sell a car to you, that’s the typical pushy type of car selling. We help you buy a car, on your terms, at a price that makes sense for you. We’re here to answer any and all questions you may have, but we won’t be breathing down your neck.

Outstanding Pricing : The majority of our inventory comes directly from manufacturers leasing offices. As a lease is up if the original owner doesn’t want to keep the car, they trade it into the leasing office, and we snatch them up before they have a chance to hit the market. We buy in bulk, meaning we can save money on each purchase and are able to pass that along to you.

Financing Options : There has never been a better time to finance a car than right now. There are so many new options available that can help you get a loan, no matter what your credit history looks like. Our team of financing experts is here to help you find the right solution to meet your needs. We are happy to have access to a wide range of local and national lenders to help you get the best possible financing. Great credit, good credit, Bankruptcy, no credit? Not a problem. Opposed to other dealers in the metro Atlanta area, we want to work with you. Our customer service is number one to us, and helping those who may have less than stellar credit is just one way we extend premier service to all of our Atlanta neighbors. Using our payment and affordability calculator tools, we’ll work with you to finance your next car at the best deal possible, often being pre-approved before setting foot on one of our lots. Compare our service and finance options with our competitors, and you’ll see it’s unmatched.

Convenient Locations : ALM has numerous locations around metro Atlanta, which means you won’t have to go very far to look for your next car. And with our "no-hassle" service, you’ll be able to check out the car, take it for a spin around your neighborhood, kick the tires a bit, and all at your own pace. Unlike other dealers that only let you drive around the block, with our many locations, you can test drive your next car around the ‘hood that you’re familiar with and along the routes, you’re used to driving.