At ALM Newnan, we are exceptionally proud to invite all–new customers and returning alike–to come and experience the wide range of standout elements we promote here: affable yet professional customer service intended to save you as much time, money, and hassle as possible, a sales team who operates with utmost concision and passion toward their work, and our vast, ever-changing inventory of used luxury motor vehicle that are simply guaranteed to suit your needs–whatever those may be.

Our inventory here at ALM Newnan is stocked with luxury motor vehicles of all years, models, and styles which include the sedan, crossover (CUV), sport-utility vehicle (SUV), trucks, and more, all packaged with impressive luxury features.


The most obvious and unparalleled benefit of buying any used vehicle–luxury of otherwise–is the lowered price you can expect to pay for the vehicle. A slashed MSRP for even a lightly used vehicle is significantly lower than that of a new model, and only because it’s been taken off the lot and driven less than a few thousand miles. The base MSRP for a used luxury motor vehicle is going to be slashed primarily through depreciation. That is, the very instant you drive your new vehicle off of the sales lot, it loses its status as “new”, and its value decreases by a shocking amount. When you decide to purchase a used vehicle, there is no instantaneous depreciation: it accrues naturally over time and wear.

A slashed base MSRP for a used luxury motor vehicle means lower monthly payments as well, should you choose to finance or lease the vehicle rather than buying it outright. Most individuals choose to finance or lease vehicles that they purchase, and it is a practical decision on every level. We understand that concept here at ALM Newnan. Our aim is to save you as much money as possible.

Lower monthly payments are always something to be taken advantage of, so why wait? Lower monthly payments can do a lot for your budget and your overall financial situation, and we guarantee the best automotive package for your dollar. With the option of lower monthly payments, you can even afford to purchase an even nicer used luxury motor vehicle than some of the new luxury motor vehicles while keeping the same monthly payments.

Theoretically, if you were to even slash $60 from your monthly payments, you’d be saving $720 in a single year. Over the course of five years, that amount adds up to an impressive $3,600. If put toward the bank-funded loan on your luxury motor vehicle, that amount would almost certainly knock at least 10% from the loan, if not more. Overall, you have the ability with that money to pay for automotive services and maintenance, even modifications if you choose to do so, all while retaining a perfect budget.


So why wait? Browse our online inventory of used luxury cars today, or call or visit ALM Newnan today to get started.