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Ford F-150 vs RAM 1500

Ford F-150 vs RAM 1500

 Do you currently stock either the Ford F-150 or the RAM 1500?

Yes, we currently have around 17 Ford F-150s and 5 RAM 1500s in inventory.

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Yes, our specialists will appraise your vehicle whether or not you decide to buy a car from us.


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Compare Ford F-150 vs RAM 1500

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While Ford F-150s continue to reign as the best-selling pickup truck, Ram 1500 trucks have definitely been challenging Ford's dominance. You can look at the trends over the last few years and see how the war to be best has benefited the consumer. In the used truck market, it means you get more performance choices, ample cabin comforts, and more technology.

If your emphasis is on hauling cargo, you've got deep, long beds on the regular cab editions of the Ford F150 or Ram 1500. When people are more your concern, you've got two sizes of cabs for your crew. Families will appreciate the really large cabins that both truckmakers provide. Ram has some advantage here, claiming a higher quality of materials and a quieter ride, but Ford holds its own by offering more luxuries and amenities.


Since the Ram 1500 was released in 1981, there have been four generations. Until 2010, Ram was part of the Dodge brand. However, Ram spun off on its own, and it's been doing very well as an independent company. The latest generation was released to great acclaim in 2013.

The Ford F-150 originated in 1975 during the sixth generation of the truck brand. Dating back to the 1980s, it has claimed the number one best-selling truck spot.

 Awards and Public Perception

Ram took the truck world by a storm when it introduced its latest generation. The truck earned 2013 Motor Trend Truck of the Year. Just one year later, it took home Truck of the Year again. Up until then, no truck had even accomplished that two years in a row. Edmunds still ranks it at the top of its shopping guide.

Ford has been winning awards of its own with the introduction of its all aluminum truck for the 2015 model year. The truck picked up 2016 North American Truck of the Year, and the brand has been named Best Truck Brand by U.S. News and World Report. Although it had dropped behind Ram in the Edmunds guide, the 2016 year saw it regain its place alongside the Ram in the guide.

Ford F-150
RAM 1500


Ford tends to rule when it comes to performance. It is always slightly ahead of the Ram in terms of horsepower, hauling capability or towing capacity. However, when you measure the two trucks in the used car market, the lines blur quickly. The question for the shopper becomes which one available has the power needed to do the job. Neither asks for sacrifices in quality, capability or durability. Both tend to have built-in trailer hitches and trailer sway control. Ram has a suspension that can level the load with the push of a button.

While the 2015-present Fords are lighter weight due to their aluminum build, Rams offer other advantages such as its aerodynamic grille shutters on gas models and its class-leading fuel economy on Ram's exclusive turbodiesel.

 Big Trucks, Bigger Savings

You'll find a selection of these two trucks when you visit Atlanta Luxury Motors Newnan. A test drive can tell you more.

* Available on most models.

** Extended warranty coverage available - please see finance office for details.